SQUARES – Up Above Sea Level

The sign that Frank is pointing indicates the “SEA LEVEL” line. We were about to embark on one of the most interesting places on Earth. The lowest point in the Lower 48 states of the United States. In Death Valley National Park, people come from all over the world for the experience. This part of Death Valley is 282 feet (85.5 meters) below sea level. We were only part of the way down towards the bottom.

Frank and me at the bottom of Death Valley. It was 102 F (39 C) but the dry heat was tolerable. After hiking about a mile (1.6 km) out of the 11 mile (17.7 km) stretch across, we turned around. The hike up and out of the salt pit of the valley was brutal but so worth the experience. “Death” by Honeymoon seems like a great title of a novel. hmmmm! circa: April 2017

Day 30 – Squares – “UP”

Click the panel below to visit Becky’s site and the January Squares Photo Challenge:

14 Comments on “SQUARES – Up Above Sea Level

    • I’ve told you that you need to go. It is a day trip but we stayed in Parump which was exactly an hour to the entrance so your place might be a little longer to that exact spot. 😊


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