SQUARES – Super Fast

Chipmunks are super fast little critters. I managed to get a couple clear shots but most of them were like the photo below. Super wicked fast! This is a Western Chipmunk found in the western part of North America. They eat vegetation, fungi, insects, arthropods, small frogs, worms and bird eggs. Occasionally, they will eat newly hatched birds.

Western Chipmunks breed only once a year and the young will come out of the burrow after about six weeks and will be on their own in another two weeks from there.

We saw this little guy at Red Rock Canyon outside of Las Vegas, Nevada while hiking and birding (of course).

Day 29 – Squares – “UP”

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11 Comments on “SQUARES – Super Fast

  1. I had a miniature Least Chipmunk (really tiny!) that used to climb up to the feeder, but he disappeared before winter came. He was easier to shoot because he would settle into the feeder and eat until he was bloated and his cheeks were all puffed out with seeds.

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    • That would have been something to see. The Eastern Chipmunks have several differences than the Western Chipmunks as I understand it. 🙂


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