Bird Weekly Round-Up – Week #32

Week #32 challenge was a Birds with Brown Feathers.

Disclaimer: If anyone has an issue with me using their photos in the round ups, please kindly let me know. I haven’t had anyone say anything, but I don’t want you to think I’m using your photographs for personal gain. I’m here to show what great work you are doing with your photography by showing you off in these posts.

“Brown”ies are one of my favorite chocolatey snacks. Some of your brown birds could have passed the chocolate meter. I love chocolate and I eat it every day of my life. Sometimes more than once. Sorry, went off on a tangent and now I think I need to go bake.

Brown is the new kaleidoscope of color and all of you met that challenge with some gorgeous birds this week.

People often don’t think brown birds are very attractive. Well, tell that to more than 1/2 the male species because their women are brown. They got feelings and look humbling enough with no makeup on or their hair did at the hair doing place. Don’t none of them have to worry about growing into an old maid because their companions love them without any flashy color.

They are beautiful!

Welcome newbies Jacquie and Judy to Bird Weekly!


Judy’s House Sparrow


Rita’s Brown Lives Matter Birdies

I encourage you to visit these blogs if you haven’t already and see what amazing things they have going on. If I missed your post or there was a problem with a pingback, please let me know and I will be glad to add you to the list. Remember to pingback from my post of that week and not my page. Liking my page is encouraged!

Next up: Week #33: Birds on a wire or fence (dock or railing is okay too)


I look forward to seeing your creations this week!

14 Comments on “Bird Weekly Round-Up – Week #32

  1. What a great gallery you have here! Sorry not to join in this week – you know why! But I already have a shot or two in mind for next week.

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    • Thanks V.J. LOL! I have chocolate chunk cookie dough in the fridge that I whipped up last week so we are still eating on those. Brownies do sound good. I’m also craving a Pumpkin roll cake which I have the ingredients for so I might bake a couple of those this weekend. YUM!

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  2. Looks like more bloggers are joining your bird weekly challenges, Lisa, congrats! Yesterday, as we were driving to pick up our RV (to live in for a few weeks!), two birds caught my eye…they were bald eagles just flying together! Of course, too distracted and worried about pulling the RV on snowy roads with a two-wheel-drive truck to think about having a camera along! They were amazing to see!

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    • Sometimes it good to just see them! I’m glad you are getting a place to live until your house is finished. Pulling an RV on snowy roads, much less with a 2 wheel drive does not sound like fun. I’m sure you had elevation too! 🙂

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    • Oh, and yes there are more bloggers interested. Some come and go and come back and others are regulars. I’m like Bob Ross….”it’s your little world, you decide”. As long as they stick with the theme to some semblance, I pretty easy going about it. 🙂

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