Bird Weekly Round-Up – Week #28

Week #28 challenge was Birds near or in the water or snow.

Disclaimer: If anyone has an issue with me using their photos in the round ups, please kindly let me know. I haven’t had anyone say anything, but I don’t want you to think I’m using your photographs for personal gain. I’m here to show what great work you are doing with your photography by showing you off in these posts.

With 71 percent of the Earth’s surface being water, I figured this bird weekly challenge would appeal to almost everyone. Like humans, birds need water to survive. Fresh water for drinking and the critters who live there that provide food for our feathered friends. Salt water and brackish water fill our oceans and rivers with an ecosystem that we must take care of and keep the pollution out to keep our birds from becoming endangered. For those who have snow, eventually that snow melt in the springtime will fill your rivers and lakes as life comes back from hibernation.

Reminder, there is no Bird Weekly today. I’m taking Christmas off for the rest of the day. We will be back next Friday on January 1st with Birds with long wingspans. We are going birding next week so I’m excited to captures some new birds. It’s been about 2 months since I’ve really been hiking and birding.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays to you and your family! I raise my glass to you all for a much better 2021!

Welcome to the newcomers, Catherine, Tish and Robert.

V.J.’s Chickadee
Aletta’s Flamingos

I encourage you to visit these blogs if you haven’t already and see what amazing things they have going on. If I missed your post or there was a problem with a pingback, please let me know and I will be glad to add you to the list. Remember to pingback from my post of that week and not my page. Liking my page is encouraged!

Next up: Week #29: Birds with laong wingspans (January 1, 2021).


I look forward to seeing your creations this week!

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    • Thanks Marilyn! I have to keep that disclaimer up there so I have no legal issues. I love showing them off when I can spare the time to do so. πŸ™‚


    • They were awesome last week! Went birding yesterday and picked up 6 more species than we had. We did the Christmas count for the Audubon Society. It had warmed up to a balmy 54 degrees and sunny so it was perfect to go out and find warblers. I’m looking forward to being back for Bird Weekly this week too. πŸ™‚

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