#WordlessWednesday – Balancing Act

Laughing Gull perched up on a post at the boat dock ramp.
Laughing Gull

Wordless Wednesday

2 Comments on “#WordlessWednesday – Balancing Act

  1. Right now, I seem to have four regulars: Orange (yes Orange) Cardinals. These orange guys have appeared here and in North Carolina and since they have appeared in more than one place AND they are having babies, Cornell is trying to figure out if this is an actual mutational change in the feather structure or something they are eating. Also, tons of nuthatches (both kinds), Tufted Titmouses, a few chickadees (both types) … and woodpeckers. I saw a big Pileated one out front, but by the time i got my camera out of its case,, it was gone. As usual. i will never get a photo of that bird!

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    • WOW! Orange! There was Yellow Cardinal seen here in Florida not too long ago. It’s interesting to me how birds mutate. I’m going to have to go to Cornell’s site and read about these orange Cardinals. Keep trying on the Pileated. I am still waiting to get a clear photo of a magpie. I will have to wait until I get back out west. 🙂


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