Emotions – Haiku

First, we grieve our loss
storm of emotions torment
heals the broken heart.

Written for: Ronovan Writes #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge 331 First & Heal

12 Comments on “Emotions – Haiku

    • Hi Jo
      I lost my granddaughter almost 12 years ago. She would have been 12 in December. She was only 34 days old. Then a second granddaughter at birth just over a year ago. I’ve lost my mom, dad and aunt in the past 6 years. Many others, but it is just as life, isn’t it? I have a few lines in a poem that I wrote many years ago and I will share it when the time is right. I read it at my grandmother’s funeral 20 years ago. “Where there’s life, there is death…sometimes we cry, sometimes it’s best”. That’s near the end of the poem. 🙂

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      • Oh, bless! To lose babies must be the worst. Adults at least have had a life. Mam died 31 years ago, when my son was 7 months old. So much she missed, but then, she must have been watching from afar. 🤗💕💕

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      • I believe they are watching from afar. I think my grandmother came back through my niece who she is named after. There are so many quirks that my niece has that belong to my grandmother. It’s a little freaky sometimes. LOL!

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