SQUARES – Twinsie Kind

Two Mourning Dove chicks who were in a hidden nest in the backyard came down with a nest after a limb was cut.

These two Mourning Dove chicks were in a hidden nest in a tree branch that my hubby cut down in the summer of 2019. He had checked for nests but missed it. The limb needed to come down as it was over our roof and almost touching. With strong thunderstorms, we couldn’t take the chance on it falling and putting a hole in our roof. Frank & my granddaughter, Leigha (who was visiting at the time) took them to the animal hospital to be cared for. Read the rest of the story at today’s Bird Weekly post.

Day 23 – Squares – “Kind”

Click the panel below to visit Becky’s site and the October Squares Photo Challenge:

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