SQUARES – Kinda Holey

This large piece of driftwood was found on the beach a couple of weeks ago. I have to wonder what woodpecker pecked all these holes. It was too large to move so I straddled it to get a shot. I’m sure this old tree could tell some stories!

Day 17 – Squares – “Kind”

Click the panel below to visit Becky’s site and the October Squares Photo Challenge:

12 Comments on “SQUARES – Kinda Holey

  1. Trees and the stories they could tell, if only they could talk. Or maybe the story seeker has to dig a little deeper into the history of the tree to discover its story how it helped some amazing things come to be. Enjoy the read at the web link about some of these amazing story tellers. Yup, just like your piece of driftwood, Lisa. Nice photo. https://www.csmonitor.com/2005/0308/p18s02-hfks.html

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      • I’m a dedicated proponent of H. Jackson Brown’s book “Live And Learn And Pass It On.” Received this short book as a gift back in the early 90s. Lost count the number of times I’ve re-read it. But follow its advice, I continue doing. Amazing place this planet we live on.

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