SQUARES – The Beach Kind of Life

Be kind to yourself and take the day off and do something fun. I will hope to be doing something fun on Saturday and go birding! It has been a while since we have been out to just do some outright birding.

This photo was taken about 2 weeks ago on my last trip to the beach at Little Talbot Island State Park. I had to stop and take this photo as it was someone else’s setup and just looked inviting. We trucked down the beach about a mile or so with our own beach cart packed with lunch, chairs, umbrellas and our packs that carry our camera & stuff. I actually got in the water on October 1st! What? Yep…sure did! It was just a little chillier than the last time I had gotten in. Didn’t stay in there long!

We are fortunate to only live about 25 minutes from the beach. Not on the beach, but hey…it’s still a beach kind of life!

Day 15 – Squares – “Kind”

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17 Comments on “SQUARES – The Beach Kind of Life

    • The air temp was warm but the water had cooled just enough I didn’t want to stay in plus there were schools of fish everywhere around me at thigh level. Didn’t see any sharks, but I’m sure they were close. I observed from under my umbrella the rest of the day. 😎

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      • Over the summer, we were out there when it was super hot and you had to get in the water to cool off. It was warm that day too but a couple of cool fronts had come down and dropped the water temps. I wasn’t that hot to stay out there. 😂

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  1. He-Man would love the beach life, but I’m a mountain kinda gal so we’d need to be half and half. A little beach time and a little mountain time.

    We retired to the high desert not near a beach but surrounded by mountains. I’m thinkin he’s really a mountain guy after all! 😀😀❤❤

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    • Love that! We love the beach & mountains. We kinda want to move to the mountains but we both agreed we would miss the beach too much. Frank has hiked all over the Pacific Northwest. He lived out there for almost 20 years. 😳

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