SQUARES – Kind Eyes

@memphisjackson18 is a chocolate lab mix who thinks he is a 102 pound human with kind green eyes.

This is Memphis Jackson, my granddog! He absolutely thinks he is human. Memphis is a chocolate lab mix. Did I say chocolate???…oh yeah that was yesterday’s square.

Where was I??? Oh yeah…

Memphis loves to watch television. Favorite shows are “The Pioneer Woman” on the Food Network, anything on Animal Planet, American Football and action movies. He is seen here getting ready for gameday with his Jacksonville Jaguars football jersey. When the Jaguars score, Memphis runs around the livingroom for a victory lap.

Don’t let those kind eyes fool you. He is 102 pounds of stocky beast and will protect the house & those in it. Otherwise, he will lick you to death. By the way, he has his own instagram account. https://www.instagram.com/memphisjackson18/ or follow him: @memphisjackson18

Day 14 – Squares – “Kind”

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    • He certainly is. I will be posting more photos and probably videos of him. My daughter keeps texting them to me because we are not hanging out because of COVID. I do see her every 2-3 weeks but limited and no hugs. 🙂


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