Bird Weekly Round-Up – Week #10

Week #10 challenge was Yellow or Orange Legged Birds. Lots of ducks and shorebirds, chickens and penguins, a loon and a Scarlet Ibis! Pelicans are my favorite bird…sorry for the prejudiceness, but they are and we had some people American White Pelicans adorn our monitors this week. We enjoyed butts in the air and even an African Harrier Hawk. The two stand out birds for me this week were the Scarlet Ibis by Aletta and the very yellow Weaver by Amoralegria. There were many birds in this week that I’ve seen and enjoy seeing time and time again, but to get a chance to see the ibis, weaver & the African Harrier Hawk by WoollyMuses, would be a dream come true. Collecting donations for a World Bird Tour! JK…. 🙂

I encourage you to visit their blogs and see what amazing things they have going on. If I missed your post or there was a problem with a pingback, please let me know and I will be glad to add you to the list. Remember to pingback from my post of that week and not my page. Liking my page is encouraged!

Next up: Week #11: Rare Bird for your area.


I look forward to seeing your creations this week!

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