Macro Monday – Gator

American Alligator stalking some Common Moorhens.
Macro photograph of an American Alligator just three feet from where I stood.
American Alligator

I was about 3 feet from this 5 foot gator in the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge driving along Black Point Drive. He was more interested in the Common Moorhen babies than me. The parents were able to get their three chicks safely into the mangroves.

If there is standing water anywhere in Florida, fresh, salt or brackish (mix of fresh & salt), an American alligator could be lurking. Just like any wild animal, you don’t feed them and in most cases they will not bother you.

Happy Monday Everyone!

Macro Monday is hosted by Irene at Heavens Sunshine.

26 Comments on “Macro Monday – Gator

  1. I always loved the chance encounters as long as I was not close enough to be considered dinner. I did a whole series once on the signs posted warning humans about gators. Great shot.

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    • That would have been a great post. They have to be posted because tourist are fascinated with them and have tried to lure them. Then you have the idiot residents who try to feed them. That’s an absolute NO-NO! 🙂


    • That is exactly right! I explained that to my niece & nephew a few weeks ago when they came to Florida from Texas. Eyes got big! They are 13 & 20.

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