Six Word Story – Rain

Rainbow over our house in Jacksonville, Florida

Shweta Suresh Saturday Six WordΒ Story Prompt (6WSP) #49 – August 7,Β 2020


The sun and rain make rainbows.

Rainbow over our house a 2 days ago. It was Frank’s birthday!

Perfect timing Shweta for this prompt! πŸ™‚

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30 Comments on “Six Word Story – Rain

  1. Ever since a line in “Genesis” helped make everyone on The Third Rock become aware of the original significance of the rainbow, we’ve come to know how “hope springs eternal.” Merle’s “Rainbow Stew” song–at the following web link–furthers our hope and understanding that better times are ahead. And lest we forget, “Happy Birthday, Frank!”

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    • You are so right about the rainbow! It just seemed like it was smiling on us…but if you think about it….it’s really a frown. LOL! I’ll tell Frank you said Happy Birthday. Now he can get Medicare and I can cancel the COBRA. I’ll make do with the VA for now and maybe try to get health insurance through the marketplace. Woohoo! πŸ™‚


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