#Write Photo – Fields of Thought

Photo courtesy of Sue Vincent

In fields we roam
with weariness in our soul
as a painted picture
resembling our forefathers.

Centuries pass and time seems faint
life still continues and dies
we live in spirit
and the past...re-lives in memories.

Future holds light in hearts
minds seem strong
the confused suffer, which...
is not by fault, but for reason.

As we lie on a hill
looking through the sky
trying to see heaven
dreams come to thought.

Prayers are sang in forgiveness
but as we look into the blueness
are we heard?

If you leave the fields in praise
feelings show gratefulness
in the beauty of ourselves.

by:  Lisa Coleman

I wrote this about 30 years ago and felt it was the perfect time to share.

Sue VincentΒ is the host of Thursday Photo Prompt.  "Dream"

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