#Write Photo – Haiku – Soar

Photo from Sue Vincent with migrating birds.

Give heed to the wind
Soaring despite the dark clouds
Turbulence lurking.

Destination known
Miles travelled thru migration
Landing in moments.

Stay safe in numbers
Precious life carefully soar
Rest must come once more.

by:  Lisa Coleman

Sue VincentΒ is the host of Thursday Photo Prompt.  "Soar"

15 Comments on “#Write Photo – Haiku – Soar

  1. Lisa, have you considered adding a generous measure of collective nouns to your exquisite ensemble of bird photos? Sort of like spicing things up a bit. Something to ponder should you have the notion, maybe. Much can be found on the subject in James Lipton’s “An Exaltation of Larks,” as you’ll see at the following web link. Should you decide to pursue it, hope you have fun. πŸ™‚

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    • This wasn’t my photo. It’s a writing challenge and the photo is provided by Sue Vincent along with a topic. I wrote the poem based on that criteria. 😊


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