Happy Anniversary to Us!

I’ve only been blogging for 7 months now and am having a blast. I wanted to share mine and Frank’s wedding with you. Today is our 3rd anniversary. We’ve shared a wonderful life together for the past 15 years, but only got married 3 years ago today. A couple of years before, we were joking around about getting married in Las Vegas. Turns out that Frank’s sister and her long term partner (25 years together) got engaged and decided to get married at Valley of Fire outside of Las Vegas. Their wedding was absolutely beautiful, the setting was breathtaking and we were happy to be there. This was her first marriage and we were glad to have waited and let her enjoy her day with all their (and our) family and friends. It was quite special. Frank’s sister is an awesome sister and we were ecstatic for both of them.

Their wedding was in April, 2016 and it was our first trip to the flashing lights and all the marvel that makes Sin City what it is. It was over before it began. I fell in love with Nevada! I like playing a little Texas Holdem, and I did, but I love the outdoor nature attractions that Nevada has to offer. There is so much to do in the great outdoors within 2 hours of the Las Vegas strip….it’s amazing.

Frank and me sitting on the jacuzzi tub in our honeymoon suite at Bally's Las Vegas, Nevada.

We began planning our own wedding in September that same year for March of 2017. After some deliberation, we finally chose our date. Originally, it was going to be Saturday, April 1st and then we decided that the joke would be on us. No April Fool’s day wedding for us. Since I had the brilliant idea to send out invitations to all our friends, coworkers and family to stream it live…Friday, March 31st would be the day. I researched the venues and spent three weeks watching YouTube videos of several Las Vegas weddings and how they performed. I knew I wanted “Elvis” to marry us. I got input from Frank and we decided on A Elvis Chapel. We charted out all our days, coming up with a complete agenda that would pack in our special day and plenty of hiking and birding. We were very meticulous about the adventures we wanted to pack into this magical honeymoon. Over the course of the following week, we went to Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve, Desert National Wildlife Refuge, Floyd Lamb Park, Red Rock Canyon, and Death Valley National Park.

We arrived at Bally’s two days before our ceremony so we would have time to get the rental car, check into the hotel, buy our groceries for the duration of the trip, get our marriage license and be ready for Friday. Bally’s was undergoing a facelift and had been for some time. We had stayed there the year before for Frank’s sister’s wedding and there were parts of the hotel under renovation at that time. When we arrived at the hotel, they had given our room to someone else. After almost an hour of them trying to figure it out and our persistent gentle persuasion, they offered us a non-renovated room at the same price. It wasn’t just any non-renovated room, it was the honeymoon suite. Sure, it looked like it came straight out of the 1970’s but so what. We had a raised sunken jacuzzi tub set in marble tile that would have fit both of us fine. His and her vanities, his and her closets, a room for the toilet, shower and bidet. My vanity mirror had little round lights surrounding it, making me feel like a movie star as I beautified myself (hair and makeup) for my big day. I could only imagine the celebrities who had stayed in this room in its hay day.

Frank’s good friend Eva and her boyfriend, Robert arrived the following day from California as our witnesses. It had been many years since Frank and Eva had seen each other and it was quite the reunion. First time I had met them in person in all the years that Frank and I had been together.

Elvis impersonator and me ready to walk down the isle.

We arrived at A Elvis Chapel and prepared to be married by the most entertaining Elvis Impersonator in Las Vegas. He walked me down the aisle to the Hawaiian Wedding Song. We said some vows, danced to “I Can’t Help Falling In Love”, did some fun vows pertaining to Elvis and closed with “All Shook Up”.

Elvis impersonator, me and Frank after the ceremony.
We are married!
Frank & Me with friends Eva and Robert in our honeymoon suite at Bally's Las Vegas Nevada.
Frank, Lisa, Eva, Robert with our custom bottom of champagne that they gave us as a wedding gift.

It was the most stress-free wedding we could have ever planned. It was streamed over the internet so everyone that we knew could see us get married. People I didn’t know watched it. Those who got an invitation shared it with people they knew and they all watched it on a computer at work. The live stream was on all the wall mounted monitors in our offices and warehouse where I worked. Those folks that I worked with at the time got to attend my wedding without leaving the comfort of their desks. It was a great alternative to hosting a large wedding. No pressure on us, no pressure on the guests and a splendid time for all. After the ceremony, the four of us piled back into the limo, arrived at Paris Las Vegas and proceeded to have quite the feast at Le Village Buffet. Great times with great friends!

Frank and me at Le Village Buffet in Paris Las Vegas for our first meal as a married couple.

Can’t wait to go back to Las Vegas. Maybe in two years, we will do it again and renew our vows with our favorite Elvis impersonator. To quote my all time favorite “thank you…thank you very much”!

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  1. Happy Anniversary guys! I’m glad you found Las Vegas the perfect place. The Valley of Fire is so amazing as is Red Rock Canyon. I’ve drove by that chapel a few times, it’s near Fremont Street I think. Be well!! πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜ŽπŸŒ΄

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    • Thanks! We spent the day at St. Marks Wildlife Preserve today celebrating it and doing social distancing. Not a lot of people there and it was a beautiful day. I thought about you while we were there. It was not planned until late last night. Now Jacksonville is going on lockdown midnight tomorrow. 😊

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      • Yes I know. Since we were out with limited cell service, I learned that it could be the whole state. Well, I’m glad we got out even for one day and there were only a handful of people in the park.

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      • Our neighborhood is very prettyβ€”lots of rolling hills and a lake. I’m fairly content not to go anywhere, but I sure could use a bit of the ocean right now.

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      • I could use a bit of the Atlantic Ocean right now but everything is closed. It was good to be outside yesterday. I will blog about it this weekend. We drove to Merritt Island National Refuge today and saw a lot more birds. We are done now, I think until life gets back to normal. Hell of an anniversary week. 😊

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  2. How fun! It sure beats choosing a destination wedding and expecting all your friends and family to fly out for it. Congratulations on all the years you’ve spent together!

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  3. Happy Anniversary Lisal and FrankπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ just watched the wedding video, reminded once again how much fun we had, sooo happy we were able to share your special day with you❣❣❣Much Love and CHEERSπŸ₯‚πŸΎπŸ₯‚πŸ˜πŸ˜˜

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    • We are so glad you shared it with us too. Happy Anniversary to you two as well! Can you believe it has been 3 years? We look forward to seeing you once all of this pandemic is over. Lots of love! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•


  4. Vegas definitely suits your nature loving character I think. Next time you visit , I recommend you go to Mt. Charleston. Have you heard of it?

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    • We went to Mt Charleston the year before. It had just snowed on the mountain the day before so it was absolutely beautiful when we went. 😊


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