Photo of the Day – 1.24.20 – Looking UP

Looking up as the sun begins to fade behind the Total Solar Eclipse.
Looking up as the total solar eclipse began.

In August, 2017, we rented a mini-van and headed to South Carolina in anticipation for the Total Solar Eclipse. We wanted to be in the cone and that is exactly where we found ourselves. We planned for weeks to meet some friends who drove from Virginia. It was worth the trip to see this rare occurrence. On this summer day, it was hot as blazes just before totality. As the day started to turn, the birds were in a tizzy as they raced to perch before darkness fell. Once it got dark, the temperature cooled and the sun became a darkened glow. As if going through this was not traumatic enough for the birds, once the sun came out on the other side, they were stunned into silence. It took a good 1/2 hour for them to start chirping and moving around again. Looking forward to Texas in 2024.

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