One-Liner Wednesday – #1

Frustrated – Hurricane Dorian

Dock at Sister’s Creek overlooking the flooded salt marsh at low tide.

Hurricane Dorian finally arrived near Jacksonville this afternoon after what seems like a decade since we began preparation for this once Category 5 storm almost 2 weeks ago.

#One-Liner Wednesday

My one-liner is above. Now, I shall elaborate. The anticipation for this slow moving storm has been quite frustrating to say the least. The on-again, off-again forecast has peaked our anxiety. Our hearts go out to the residence of the Bahamas as the islands have been forever changed. Praying the death toll stays doesn’t rise. Jacksonville dodged a bullet today, but our city leaders did a great job with preparedness. We were ready for whatever Dorian was going to bring.

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  1. Be so very careful, Lisa. You’re not kidding, this was a slow ass hurricane. My mom went back home(West Palm Beach) yesterday.
    My heart breaks for all the people in the Bahamas too. How could it not?
    Yet, I’m so grateful that it didn’t hit Florida head-on like it was first predicted.

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    • Oh, it’s by us now. All evacuations & curfews were lifted this evening. We have some high winds still lingering, but the danger is gone. Dorian is heading for the Carolinas now so let’s pray for them! ***smiling*** I head back to my real job tomorrow. I was able to write more today than normal. Glad your mom is safe!

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  2. Wow, I’m so glad you’re okay–and I can appreciate that kind of frustration which builds the stress level, even as you’re doing the positive thing by getting prepared. Praying for folks in the Bahamas, I can’t imagine what their reality is.

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  3. Ditto on the well wishes that y’all didn’t fall prey to Dorian’s full wrath. Ditto also on the devastating situation in the Bahamas. A day or so prior to Dorian’s landfall there I listened to a radio broadcast. The Bahamian prime minister–in a clearly lethargic tone of voice–stated, “The people of the Bahamas had nothing to worry about. No need to evacuate since they’d been through storms like Dorian before. Everything was going to be just fine.” I wonder what the Bahamian people have to say about their prime minister now.

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    • They have never been through a storm like that. Frank’s BFF, John…his sister lives in Marsh Harbor. She evacuated here to Jax. Don’t know yet if she has anything left there or not.


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