August 29 – BOTD – Brown Pelican

Brown Pelican gliding along the sea
Brown Pelican

Here is my entry for Granny Shot It’s  Bird of the Day (BOTD) challenge.

My favorite bird! The Brown Pelican captivates us on a regular basis with it’s elegance and free-flowing manner. It’s magical to see these flocks coming from a distance along the shore. With binoculars in hand, we will observe them rise and fall gliding on the waves in unison. To watch them dive high above the water for their next meal is amazing.

Watching a juvenile learn to fish is quite entertaining. They barely get themselves out of the water as their long beak stabs at the water receiving nothing for their efforts. Then the juvenile pelican will look up, shake the water from it’s head & look around like….ok, no one saw that.

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