August 27 – BOTD – White Ibis V2

Juvenile White Ibis

Here is my entry for Granny Shot It’s  Bird of the Day (BOTD) challenge.

I know that I have already given you some White Ibis BOTD photos this month, but I stumbled on this guy in my images & remembered the day I spent with my friend, Morgan at an art festival in Tampa. The images I shared on August 16-BOTD were adults. The top photo is a juvenile who is starting to turn white. I was just a few feet away from this one. There were several at park near the Hillsborough River that day, moving all around where we walked. They kept flying around us & through us literally. Example is below. LOL! My friend Morgan was not amused!

8 Comments on “August 27 – BOTD – White Ibis V2

  1. My Mom lives in FL not too far from where you are, and the birds there are so used to humans! I was stunned the day we went to the beach at how close I could get to some of them.

    This Ibis is amazing! I’ve never seen one, but I hope to the next time I visit my Mom. I hope it’s in the month they’re there! I also long to see Spoonbills there, and you tell me Cardinals are there! OMG! I need to come when they’re there!

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    • Ibisis & cardinals are here year round. In order to be guaranteed to see a spoonbill is to go south down to Merritt island. Some of the best birding down there is December/January.

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      • That’s what I’ve heard and read too. One day I’ll have to make a winter trip to see my mom and do some birding.

        Thank you so much for the information and conversation! 😀


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