August 21 – BOTD – Greater Roadrunner

Here is my entry for Granny Shot It’s  Bird of the Day (BOTD) challenge.

Greater Roadrunner scurrying at quick pace in Floyd Lamb Park near Las Vegas.
Beep Beep!

Trying to get a picture of this guy was like chasing down a speeding bullet. The Greater Roadrunner is like “The Roadrunner” in the cartoons. They are fast. If you blink, they will disappear in a flash. Taunted me just like The Roadrunner taunted the Wiley Coyote. He was moving through the common areas at Floyd Lamb Park outside Las Vegas like a ball in a pinball machine leaving me excited & frustrated at the same time. I used to see these in Texas when I was a kid, but this was special. Got really close to him. He purposefully wouldn’t stay still. He darted around bushes and every time I raised my camera, he would move to the right & then to left. He would stare straight at me until he dared me to lift my lens. I was just waiting to look behind me to see a box of TNT ready to go BOOM! Beep beep!

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