Little Talbot State Park, Florida

Best Beach in Florida

Little Talbot Island is a true treasure in the great state of Florida. It is a part of the State Park system with a full campground, biking path, hiking trail & over 5 miles of undeveloped beach.

Montana Mountains as the sun begins to go down.

Emigrant, Montana

Montana didn’t disappoint. It was our first trip to the state and left me wanting to return.

Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone National Park

Absolute wonder of nature, but over-crowded with tourists, even in September.

Yellowstone National Park Traffic Jam

This is the kind of congestion we like. Talk about a 45 minute delay!!!

Undine Falls & Lava Creek – Yellowstone National Park

With several great waterfalls that Yellowstone has to offer for any nature lover, Undine Falls & the trickle of Lava Creek is a must see when you venture into this incredible national park.

Lamar Valley – Slough Creek Yellowstone National Park

The simplest things in life are opening your eyes to your natural surroundings and living in the moment.

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