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Bird Weekly Round-Up – Week #36

Week #36 of Bird Weekly proved to be a difficult week showcasing hawks. One of the hardest hawks to identify is the Cooper’s Hawk vs. the Sharp-shinned Hawk.

Bird Weekly Round-Up – Week #9

Week #9 challenge was Birds of Prey. Fabulous selections from all over the world by our bloggers this week with their osprey, hawks, eagles, vultures, buzzards, owls, kites, goshawks, harriers & falcons.

Bird Weekly – Photo Challenge – Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey or raptors include species of birds that primarily hunt and feed on vertebrates that are large relative to the hunter. They have a keen eyesight to find and capture their food, often while flying high in the sky. They have strong talons for grasping and killing their prey and also have strong curved beaks to tear their food apart.

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