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Sunday Stills – Pink – 06.13.21

When you have 2 daughters (grown now) and 3 granddaughters, there is a lot of pink in your life. From Disney princesses to Hello Kitty and beyond, life is one big pink plastered party!

SQUARES – S’mores Anyone?

It took some real Kindling to start this fire in the fire pit to kinda settle down this 2 year old with some yummy smores! This is my oldest grandchild who is now 15 and will probably hate that I’m sharing this photo, but it is one of my favorite all time shots!


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge – Motor/Engine My pics this week feature Kiddie Rides. These rides have mechanical mechanisms powered by a motor to make them go up and down or in the case of the train, go around a track. These are… Continue Reading “CEE’S BLACK AND WHITE PHOTO CHALLENGE – Motor/Engine”

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