FOTD – Tweety & Lily – Haiku

Our lovebird, Tweety nibbling on an orange Daylily.  The lily is orange and Tweety is green, blue and red.
Lily is in bloom
Tweety sniffs at her beauty
Close by end of day.

Cee’s FOTD Challenge

I found these photos in my archives while looking for something else. Thought I would share a moment from many years ago of Tweety, our lovebird spending time with Lily. He liked them all. The orange and the yellow made no difference to him.

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23 Comments on “FOTD – Tweety & Lily – Haiku

    • Thank you so much! He met a untimely end but he was a photo hound when he was a live. 🙂 He makes an appearance every now and then.


    • Thanks Barbara! I’ve missed seeing you. I’m super busy with my business and haven’t had much time to do anything. Thank goodness breathing comes naturally or I might not have time to do that either. LOL 🙂

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