Black and White: Easy Techniques to Try

Cee Neuner wrote a tutorial today explaining and showing what photos make great black & white images and why it is important to always photograph in color.

Cee's Photo Challenges

Why do I want to change a color photo into a black and white photo?

There are basically two reasons why. You like black and white photography or want to play with black and white. The other reason or benefit of black and white is you will actually see more of the details in your photography.  

In the example below, you can really notice the shapes of the stone wall and the lighting on the barrell in back draws your eye through the photo better.

Photos were taken at vintage woollen mill in Salem, Oregon.

Always Shoot in Color

Most pads, computers and phones have basic editing software that can change your color photo into a black and white. Don’t set your camera to take your photos in black and white . You will lose valuable color information and gray shading options.  

There are a couple of reasons to always…

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    • You are welcome! I’m certainly glad to do it and hope you picked up on some tips. Her and I had a great conversation today and there are going to be some more tutorials from her and me in the next few weeks. 🙂


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