Yes, Our WP Blogging Experts Agree – Your Site Needs Two Things

A search bar is important on your site!

Marsha Ingrao - Always Write

You Need Both a Search Box and Categories

I asked you all how you help yourself and others to find posts and pictures hidden inside the megabytes of storage WordPress keeps for you. They all agreed that the most helpful technologies on your blog are the search box and identifying categories for each post.

Marsha Ingrao and Kalev photo search -Oregon

Each contributor’s comments have been woven into this post. If you like what they say or want to take a look at their blog, I’ve included a link to one of their recent blog posts in their first comment so you can find them and ask questions or take a look to see how their site is organized.

Hugh Roberts spends hours helping people with his blog tip category. He had this to say about using categories.

Hi Marsha, I have a photography category on my blog, which has…

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8 Comments on “Yes, Our WP Blogging Experts Agree – Your Site Needs Two Things

  1. Thank you for the information. Being an old guy, and not a tekki, I had no idea a search bar was needed. I have over 100 post on my blog so a search bar it is. WordPress should have a special theme for seniors that have a foggy memory and still use flip phones.

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    • I’m glad we could help. Marsha is great at offering tips and several of us collaborate to solve issues or just put info out there. Flip phone…oh boy. 😎


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