Challenge Interview Series: Bird Weekly Photo Challenge

Marsha with Always Write interviewed me last Saturday on the Bird Weekly challenge. The participants from the White Feathered birds challenge were featured in this post with pingbacks to your blogs. I so enjoy seeing you, your photos and knowledge every week!

Thank you Marsha for a wonderful, well written post. Thank you to Terri with Sunday Stills, Cee with Cee’s Photo Challenge and Becky with Squares who inspired me to host my own challenge in a subject that I’m passionate about and can continue to learn and enjoy from others. Y’all ROCK!

Marsha Ingrao - Always Write

Hi friends,

Welcome to Challenge Interview #12 with Lisa Coleman the hostess of the Bird Weekly Photo Challenge. I met Lisa through Terri Webster Schrandt hostess of Sunday Stills. Lisa has been collaborating with me to help me and any of you to organize our digital photos both in and out of WordPress.

We have been chatting through Zoom and on the phone. I did not record our conversations, so my apologies for the paraphrased answers come from my lack of note taking ability when I’m having fun chatting.

When I began this series last summer, I wanted to find out what makes challenges successful. I love to know the back stories the history of the challenge and why they work. In 2012 when I first started blogging, I thought if I put up a Photo Challenge page on my blog everyone would flock to my blog and…

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