Month: March 2021

Yes, Our WP Blogging Experts Agree – Your Site Needs Two Things

Originally posted on Marsha Ingrao – Always Write:
You Need Both a Search Box and Categories I asked you all how you help yourself and others to find posts and pictures hidden inside the megabytes of storage WordPress keeps for you. They all agreed…

Water Water Everywhere #71 – MANATEES

Manatees have ventured into the springs to keep warm at Blue Spring State Park in Orange City, Florida. The large dark lumps in the water are manatees, aka Sea Cows.

Contagiously Happy – Haiku

Grand eruption of laughter
Consorted comfort.

Song Lyric Sunday – “Where No One Stands Alone”

When I started thinking about infinity and forever, I began wondering where I will go after my life on this earth is over. I certainly believe in a heaven, a place where we can spend eternity and be with our loved ones that have passed before us.

Sunday Stills – Spring Green – 03.21 .21

I like to color. As a kid, I always wanted the large pack of crayons and never got them. As an adult, I purchased the 120 count and you can tell they are used. There are a lot of greens here that include names like fern and shamrock. Gumby sits in my office and was given to me by a coworker several years ago because I’m so flexible with deadlines.

Bird Weekly – Photo Challenge – Reflections of Birds

Welcome to Week #41 of the Bird Weekly Photo Challenge. Week #41 challenge is reflection of birds. The bird(s) and it (their) reflection of themselves and your choice.

Bird Weekly Round-Up – Week #40

Black and White week is always a hit! I love this challenge when we do it as it gets us into a new dimension of creativity. Composition, contrast, lighting, textures and patterns are always things to consider when creating for black and white, but it is amazing what we can do with our color photographs.

#Writephoto Round-Up – Neptune

Originally posted on New2Writing:
Morning All, This handsome fella is at a local park to me called Hardwick Park. It’s a favourite place of mine and even on a busy day, you can normally find somewhere peaceful to take a bit of a…

Solar Eclipse – Haiku

Moon passes the sun
Birds flock midday in panic
Twilight quickly forms

Quote – Leisure – Week #16

A day off sitting under the beach umbrella slathered in sunscreen, watching the birds fly over, closing your eyes listening to the waves crash upon the shoreline transforms the busy mind of the day to day and takes you to a place of euphoria.

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