Marathon or Sprint Posting? Tagging My Prescott Walks-Peavine Trail Photos or Not?

A trail I would love to see. This is one of a few posts on the topic of Peavine Trail. Trust me! When you get to hiking around trails in the western part of the US, you can’t write it all in one post.

Marsha Ingrao - Always Write

#Prescott Walk 5: Peavine Trail

Welcome, friends to Prescott Walk #5 (I think – I have trouble labeling them, so I’ve lost count already!)

Lisa Coleman, the Bird Weekly Lady and I, together with several of you, are working on a post for next week about organizing photos. The topic that came up repeatedly is about tagging. Lisa is working on an easy way to do it.

Since I moved my Always Write site from to this site last March, I’ve been lax about tagging my photos. So this is my tagging marathon march along Peavine Trail, dedicated to Hugh Roberts with a tag, caption, title and description for every picture.

“Remember – blogging is a marathon, not a sprint.”

Hugh Roberts

Peavine Trail, Prescott
Beginning of the Peavine Trail and Prescott Fire Department Training area

The Ingraos have lived in Prescott three months and somehow missed this beautiful trail only…

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16 Comments on “Marathon or Sprint Posting? Tagging My Prescott Walks-Peavine Trail Photos or Not?

  1. I almost moved to Prescott a few years ago. Posting too often can cause your posts to be missed by your readers I have found. But I still upload a few times per day…

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    • You would have loved it, John. Almost no one is from here, though. With the exception of our new dentist, everyone I’ve met here is imported. 🙂

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  2. Thank you so much for reblogging this Lisa. Your photos are elegant, BTW. I’ve been organizing like a mad woman. I figured out how to do it much quicker using your file folder information. 🙂

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      • I’ve done a bit of organizing too. Thanks to the answers from the other members, I have now gone beyond what I was doing, but in my same fashion. So awesome! 🙂

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      • Me too. Many of my Microsoft files now have names and I have deleted quite a few files that I don’t need. It was fairly easy to find files on my phone because Apple organizes photos by date, location, item and people. So if I lose something on the computer that is in my apple folder, I can find it and download it, but that is time-consuming, too.

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      • I had to dump part of my card because it was filling up again. It was quick to dump them now that I’ve created sub-folders and more sub-folders. Especially for my birds. What would have taken me an hour, took 20 minutes. Yay! So glad you suggested this subject because it lit a fire under me to take it to the next step. 🙂

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      • My files were in awful shape. Can’t believe it! If I had an Apple Computer again, it would be easier to file because as Hugh says, Apple organizes things. I can’t search my iCloud photos from my HP computer.

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      • I’m so glad to know you are making progress. This was a great exercise and fruitful. Apple does organize the photos better. I have to wonder if there is a way, but I sure don’t know of any crossing platforms. 🙂

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      • My little Apple iPad doesn’t work very well because it won’t update any longer. It is annoying but I don’t want to spend money on a new one at this point. I don’t have very many photos on it, but I need to get off what I do have. 🙂


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