Democracy Wins

American Flag
Bald Eagle
Democracy Wins

America prides itself on liberty
the pursuit of happiness
the foundation in which
our forefathers built
to maintain freedom
ballots counted
no frivolous lawsuits
will stop our voice
Will justice serve?
A new day

Lisa Coleman


9 Comments on “Democracy Wins

  1. I appreciate your sensitive and perceptive poem. As a Brit, I can tell you that I haven’t yet come across anyone who isn’t enormously relieved that Trump was not re-elected. Joe Biden has an enormous task trying to reunite the USA again, as well as the whole world where Trump was dangerously threatening to set nation against nation. But at least, we can now have some hope for a better future where people around the world, especially the most vulnerable, will be treated as equals.

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    • Can you believe the crap he is trying to pull right now with the Electoral College? I think he is trying to keep himself out of jail. That’s where he belongs! 🙂

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