SQUARES – 3 of a Kind

3 of a kind Brown Pelicans in flight overhead.


Just in case you have never seen one of my post, thought I would let you know. For those of you who follow me, well….you know! These Brown Pelican’s wings were in different strides of their flight over my head. I like the use of the negative space in this photo which I don’t use very often. Hope you like it too!

Did you know that the Brown Pelican will tuck its head and rotate its body to the left when dive bombing just before it hits the water from high above? It is believed that they do this to protect the trachea and esophagus which are on the right side of the neck. The maneuver would cushion both body parts from impact.

Day 19 – Squares – “Kind”

Click the panel below to visit Becky’s site and the October Squares Photo Challenge:

15 Comments on “SQUARES – 3 of a Kind

  1. Interesting tidbit on the brown pelican. We used to visit the Texas Gulf Coast every winter and I loved watching and photographing the pelicans.

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      • My heart goes out to all the communities along the Gulf Coast. Where we used to stay still isn’t up to 100% after hurricane Harvey.😐


  2. Grew up in San Diego, on the beach. Favorite thing was watching those pelicans weave among the waiting-for-a-wave surfers, skimming the surface within inches of that rolling water.

    Beautiful, familiar site, your photo!

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