Saturday Six Word Story Prompt (6WSP) #54 – The Roundup Post

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The prompt for the Saturday Six Word Story (6WSP) #54 was: Success.

Here’s the roundup post for 6WSP #54:

By Sadje at Keep it alive: Winning hearts with kindness: Real success.

By Di at pensitivity101: Happy and content, it found me.

By Dave Madden at MMA Storytime: His hand was raised in victory.

By PaperKutzs at PaperKutzs: Success can be hard to obtain.

By Sangeetha at Mindfills:

flags commemorate

riveting divinity

beyond success

By Era at The Hidden Soul: Running after success since eyes open.

By Cheryl at THE BAG LADY: Achieving, receiving love is life’s success.

By Aswathy Gopalakrishnan: Chasing success, we forget to live.

By HappySoul at Live Love Laugh Learn: J.K Rowling became the most successful author.

By Aseem Rastogi at Transition of Thoughts: Success remained elusive despite his efforts.

By Susi Bocks at I Write Her: Random failures happen, success is earned.

By Laura McHarrie at…

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