Photo prompt round-up: Tokens #writephoto

This week Sue Vincent challenged us with “Tokens”. A lot of interesting perspectives came out with that single word. Enjoy!

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Gestures of respect

Tokens left in memory

Gratitude displayed

Anonymous offerings

Minds and hearts freed by magic


The photo for this week’s prompt was a strange choice. I knew, when I stumbled across it, that the photograph had been taken during a trip to Glastonbury some years ago. I knew that I recognised the shot… but it was not until after the prompt went live that I suddenly remembered exactly what it had captured or where.

The feather, the stones, the flowers, leaves and berries… all are small, organic offerings left with respect at the burial place of Dion Fortune, one of the great ladies of the esoteric world.

Her books and her work have probably brought more people to the study of the mystical Qabalah and to the realisation of the magic in every atom of Creation than any other writer of her era.  You can read more…

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