SQUAREs – Perspective – Terror

Terrified granddaughter at a science museum in Cocoa Beach where there was a life size American Alligator made of resin.  It sure looked real!

While walking in one of the museums in Cocoa Beach many years ago, my granddaughter was walking ahead of us into another room. I went right and she went left with her mom (my daughter). I turned and was taking a photo of the life-size gator made of resin when she saw it and this was my perspective of her reaction. HER REACTION WAS REAL!

American Alligators can be terrifying. We have taught our kids and grandkids that they are dangerous just like some snakes or spiders. Education is the best way to keep them safe!

The American Alligator can be found in freshwater, brackish (fresh & saltwater) and have been known to get into saltwater as well. They can be found in the Southeastern United States, from Virginia & North Carolina to Florida. They also inhabit Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma & Tennessee.

Day 15 – Squares – Perspective

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