SQUAREs – Perspective – Saying Hello!

Heaven saying hello to another dog by sniffing the butt of the friendly creature.
That is Heaven on the right offering up her greetings.

Everyone has their own way of greeting another, whether it is in the human form or the animal world. Dogs say hello by sniffing another dog’s butt. Can you imagine if we humans did that? Now with COVID19, we are not even shaking hands. Hand shaking dates back to the 5th century B.C. in Greece. A handshake during those times was a symbol of peace. Now it is a gesture of “how do you do?” or “nice to meet you” or “great seeing you again”. People seal deals with a simple handshake to show good faith. Now we have to give a thumbs up or a wave behind our masks. How about…”bring your own pen to sign the contract”.

Dogs continue their greetings of hello regardless of the pandemic. We haven’t allowed Heaven to be around other dogs, so she just has to live with it like we do. The photo above was taken a few years ago. Imagine this perspective if you lived through the eyes of a dog.

Day 14 – Squares – Perspective

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13 Comments on “SQUAREs – Perspective – Saying Hello!

  1. Great post, Lisa, especially since it’s one that’s prompted me to want to dig a little further to find out more about sniffing and hand shaking. The following links make for brief but interesting reads.

    First link is about dogs and their sniffing practices. Second link is about hand shaking. Both enlightened my view of these aspects of life on The Third Rock, for sure. So again, thanks for the post.



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  2. I posted a very informative comment about dog sniffing and human hand shaking. However, it appears it didn’t meet your blog’s posting requirements. Oh well. Such is life on The Third Rock.

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      • After I posted the comment with the two web links a message popped up stating the post was being considered for modification. An hour or so passed and I looked at the post, nothing on your blog. Amazing how I see the post today. Go figure blogs. Glad you liked the articles.

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