Saturday Six Word Story Prompt (6WSP) #45 – The Roundup Post

Wanted to share the Six Word Saturday Prompt Roundup – (Home) was the theme for last week. Great little short stories!

My Random Ramblings

The prompt for the Saturday Six Word Story (6WSP) #45 was: Home.

Here’s the roundup post for 6WSP #45:

By rugby843 at The Bag Lady: Home, where every heart should be.

By moondustwriter at penned in moon dust:







By Sanjuna: All sweet memories begins at home.

By Laura McHarrie at The Hidden Edge: Jacket’s gone home; one last patch?

By Trix: Took a flight. Now missing home.

By Keith at Keith’s Ramblings: ‘Honey, I’m home’ buzzed Billy Bee!

By Sadje at Keep It Alive: I carry home in my heart.

By ikwords at Words on Key: A word meaning “opposite of homesick”?

By Joelle: My home is wherever love resides.

By Dr. Tanya at The Salted Caramel: Home is where the heart is.

By Dave Madden at MMA Storytime: You can’t lose with hometown support.

By Paperkutz at Paperkutz: Time has come to head…

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