SQUARES – Perspective – My Mom

In loving memory of my Mom, Wanda!

Today, July 9, 2020 is the 6th anniversary of my mom’s passing. I’m having a hard time today and can’t seem to get in a rhythm of anything. She died after having a massive stroke. My mom loved to do whatever she wanted, especially if it wasn’t good for her. She never kicked the habit of smoking cigarettes. Oh, she would stop for a while, but she kept going back to them. For over 50 years, they controlled her life. She passed away at the young age of 67. She was a diabetic, but enjoyed a donut with her diet Dr. Pepper.

In the photo above, she is wearing a T-shirt that my sister and I bought her. It was the perfect shirt that summed up her attitude. If you can’t read it, it says…”I’M JUST GONNA NOD AND ACT LIKE I’M LISTENING”. That was my mom in a nutshell. No matter how many times we talked to her about her bad habits, it went in one ear and out the other. I am thankful that she is not here to deal with this pandemic. As worried as I am about my kids, grandkids, other family members and my friends, I would probably get old quick worrying about my mom. Days like today, put our whole lives in perspective.

Mother is buried in the family cemetery.

She loved Elvis, her friends and family, and Jesus Christ! I know she is smiling from heaven!

Day 9 – Squares – Perspective

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26 Comments on “SQUARES – Perspective – My Mom

  1. Oh she sounds amazing, so so sorry she’s no longer around. She’d be so proud of you, and what a sense of humour to wear that Tshirt. Sending hugs xx

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    • Thank you Becky! She was TRIP! So set in her ways, but lived the way she wanted to live while she was here. Kudos to her for that! Thank you for the kind words. I think she would be proud of me and my sister for all our accomplishments. 🙂

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  2. A beautiful tribute to your mum Lisa, she’ll be sending you love from where she is now 💜

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    • Thank you Mary for your sweet words and I’m sorry your mom has passed as well. I have many friends that have lost their moms and one of my BFF’s just lost her 2 weeks ago to Alzheimer’s. We certainly get through it. Yes I will see her and many more someday. 🙂


  3. I am so sorry for your loss and am sorry they were so close together. This has to be a tough time of the year for you Lisa. Even though years have passed sometimes it can seem like yesterday. Stay strong and carry on. That is what they would want you to do, I apologize for missing your posts.You are in my thoughts and prayers this week.

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      • All good just busy, busy, busy as a bee …lol Look forward to more great stories and pictures. Your iPhone did a great job on the lighthouse. Shame you couldn’t go in.

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      • Glad to hear it! My IPhone takes incredible shots. I have the XR, but god help me when I can upgrade to that new 11 with the 3 fancy lenses. I will have to buy more GIGS to hold them all. LOL! A great problem to have… 🙂


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