Yesterday for Square Tops, I gave you Tweety on top of Frank’s head and today I present you with Lorikeets on top of my head and shoulder. These photos were taken 12 years ago on a visit to Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa, Florida. The lorikeets will become your BFFs when you purchase the nectar and enter the large aviary. I think we purchased 3 or 4 cup fulls. I was having too much fun!

I should have known way back then that I was destined to be a birder. It took watching “The Big Year” about 7 or 8 years ago to know what I was meant to do with my free time. Once I saw that movie, I knew I’d become a crazy bird lady! Thank goodness I’m married to a man that loves birds as much as I do. BTW: The movie lives on our DVR.

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12 Comments on “SQUARE TOPS – ON TOP OF THE Head – Lorikeet

  1. i love Lorikeets! They are nectar lovers. I follow an Instagram account called Bee’s Balcony from Australia, all about birds!

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  2. I love lorikeets, and all others from the parrot family, but if they made you a crazy bird lady you are easy. I go out an look at the warbler migration and hang up five feeders but that’s the extent for me. I do write comedy about birds if your interested but I don’t think that counts. I hop you find all the birds you have ever desired. Stay well and laugh a lot

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  3. Those are some friendly birds! So fun to have them perch on you. We had the same experience when we were at the Kansas City Zoo a couple of years ago. 🙂

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