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Hello my fellow bloggers! I wanted to provide you with the link that the president of our company sent out to all employees this past week allowing us to follow the data coming in on the COVID-19 cases being reported to Johns Hopkins University of Medicine. This link gives you a perspective of what is happening across the globe as more people are being tested and results are coming back. You can zoom into the map and click on your area to get more in-depth information. I know this data is not time accurate as it has not updated the current numbers in Florida as of the time that of this posting. Still, they are doing a great job at inputting the data as quickly as they can.

Florida cases reported at the time of this screenshot, 659 confirmed cases.
Actual cases reported in Florida at the same time, 763 confirmed cases.

I found that I would rather look at this map than listen to the same dreary news on the national and international news outlets. It gives me a sense of calm and allows me to be informed at the same time. If I want to to know more than what this map offers, then I will go turn on my television and watch CNN. The images were screenshot at the same time so there is a small lag with what may be reported locally. I have bookmarked both of these sites to my favorites.

I hope you find this informative and it helps you understand the seriousness of what our world faces in the weeks and months to come. There is an outpouring of goodwill all over the planet. Let’s stay positive in this time of crisis and remember to love and as Ellen Degeneres says after every show, “be kind to one another” no matter what happens. It’s just a matter of time before we know someone close to us who is dealing with this terrible virus. If you or someone you know has been confirmed positive, my prayers go out to you and your loved ones that you survive this and are able to make a full recovery. Take care people! Lots of love!

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    • I don’t know what the protocol is at this time. I haven’t heard anything in the news. We don’t have enough test kits to test everyone. Only those who have symptoms are being tested. Of those that are positive, only a small percentage are hospitalized. Since it’s a virus, standard antibiotics wont help. I honestly don’t think anyone will be turned down at this point if they have symptoms but I can’t be sure. Our economy is in the tank. Big business isn’t so big right now. But I believe we will get through this & be stronger. 😊

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  1. We live in Broward County hard hot on your map by the virus. And yet as I speak,another plane full of N.Y. snowbirds is descending over our condo to the International airport nearby.

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    • Ugh! Yeah Broward is getting redder on the map every day. It’s too hot that far south for me. I’d love to be closer to 2 of my kids and grandkids but I don’t think I’d ever move back to Tampa because of the humidity. I’m ready to go west and north. 😊


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