The Knocking in my Head


Today, I had to have a second MRI. September, 2018 I was having severe headaches that wouldn’t go away and created these extremely powerful explosions (or so I felt). Sometimes it would feel as though someone was stabbing me in the temple or the back of the neck. The results came in & a couple of spots were spotted (OK, pun intended). In the mean time, I was diagnosed with migranes & found out those stabbing ones are referred to as ice pick headaches. Snow cone anyone?

This second MRI was denied by my insurance carrier a few months ago (leave them anonymous for now. It is one of the major carriers). I am a veteran, but work full time, pay for my company’s insurance so I can be denied benefits. After 3 months of painstakingly persuing this situation, the Veteran’s Administration came through & paid for me to have this followup Open MRI done at the facility where I had the original MRI done. This is a facility outside the VA. Thank you VA for coming through!

You see, I’m claustrophobic to the max! The thought of being in a closed MRI doesn’t set well with me & that is the only availability within the walls of the VA in North Florida. I’ve experienced a closed MRI once in the 1990’s after a car accident & never want to do it again. Even a sedative couldn’t lure me in.

Pink lava lamp on black background. Close enough to purple!

As I laid there today with the ear plugs in, I somehow started thinking of all the topics I wanted to write about in my blog. It was an overwhelming amount of data. I saw purple as in Deep Purple, Purple Rain, Jimi Hendrix types of purple & purple plasma like swirls that you would see in a lava lamp. Ok, I just dated myself, but I think this awesome mood changer is making a come back! Anyway…as the MRI machine continued loudly with it’s many sounds, I found myself clearing from that funk of darkness. Now, back in my yard seeing the birds at my feeder, many of the sounds coming from the scary MRI machine were now “knock knock knock” sounds like a Woodpecker. I decided in that moment once I got out of this predicament & back to my computer, I would share one of my favorite woodpecker photos taken of our feeder to lighten the mood. This red-bellied woodpecker frequents our yard with his mate & offspring.

Red-Bellied Woodpecker loves the peanuts best!

I don’t know what the results will be with my MRI, but if the knocking in my head can remind me of the wonders of nature & bring me back to the outdoors, I’m all in!

I would love to hear any thoughts you have if you have experienced an MRI & how you felt. Sharing is caring!

16 Comments on “The Knocking in my Head

    • No idea. It will be a few days before the final report is complete. I don’t go back to the Neurologist until middle of August.


    • I’m actually feeling good. Have bad days occasionally. I won’t get these results for a bit. My neurologist can’t see me until August 21st. How’s things with you?


      • I’m glad you are feeling good. Talk about slow results..put your mind at ease huh.. lol.
        Things are good here, life so boring not much to talk about. Lol definitely not complaining.


  1. Hello niece! I am terribly claustrophobic also and have had two instances of experiencing the claustrophobia just being slid into the MRI machine. Once it was possible to be put into the machine backward so my head was left outside. The second time, the MRI had to be cancelled. It is not fun to be claustrophobic! Hope all turns out okay for you!


    • Hello Aunt Kathy! The Open MRI is the way to go but I still have to keep my eyes closed the whole time. At least I know there is an escape route available if necessary (dangling at my feet). Hope it is all ok too. It may be a while before I know anything. I don’t see the Neurologist until August 21st. Hope y’all are doing ok!


    • Thanks for the laugh! Guess we are close to the same age as I know exactly what you are talking about. I walked into the bank today & the security guard was listening to an old transister radio. It was playing the Backstreet Boys & my husband made a comment about him not looking to be the normal boy band type because the dude looked old enough to be Santa Claus. I told Frank that maybe that was the only station he could get to tune in. Both antennae were up as high as they could reach. Brought back a bunch of childhood memories.

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      • Yes, we are close enough in age. My sister is turning 50 this year & I will be 54 in September. Remember that you could only get about 6-8 channels on VHF & if you were lucky enough, another 4 or so on UHF. We grew up outside Dallas/Ft. Worth so we had a pretty good chance of getting Mighty Mouse after school on UHF. Memories!

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      • In rural West Virginia we only had 4 VHF and 1 UHF. ( UHF became FOX in my area). We had to set the Channel on the tv and then go outside and turn the antenna which only got rid of most of the static. Then in the middle of the program your neighbor a couple of miles away would decide that it was time to fire up hi s amplified CB radio and talk gossip with someone who was out range. The worst thing was we always only got half of the story. 😂

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      • We lived the same life in Texas. I had my own CB handle because my step dad was a truck driver. You keep taking me down memory lane. 😊

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  2. Sorry about your head issues. I spent my career on the other side of the MRI, reading the studies. Like so many things, it’s all a trade off. Narrow tube, loud noises, but oh the wonderful images of our brains it gives. Hope yours turns out OK. Speaking of loud, knocking noises, that beautiful woodpecker shot reminds me of the head-jarring that these birds go through. There have been articles written about how they maintain their bird brains through all the trauma.

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    • Woodpeckers are incredible. Saw a pileated & 3 downys yesterday while out birding. Just a wonder to me how they manage to not get a headache.
      I go to the Neurologist tommorrow. I wasn’t scheduled until August 21st but they moved it up. Not sure if that is a good or bad sign. I’ve had some new symptoms develop since my last appointment. I know I have white matter lesions on the right side. They haven’t changed since the last MRI in September. I don’t know that the migraine diagnosis will hold up. Too many other symptoms not related. So for now, I will just keep on keepin’ on as Joe Dirt would say! I’m enjoying writing again. It is great therapy!


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